suDanzare pursues an ambitious approach to dance by teaching Tarantella with the originality of the artistic direction by Tullia Conte. The ensemble of professional dancers engaged with suDanzare is committed to making Tarantella accessible to as many people as possible through numerous educational, artistic and cultural activities.

Based in Paris, the association deals mainly with dance workshops, production and promotion of shows across Europe in Italy, Paris and France.
Our area of expertise is contemporary traditional dance.

The rhythms of tarantella, along with the interesting teaching method borrowed from the theater are leading elements of the extraordinary nature of the proposal.

  • info: sudanzaresudanzare@gmail.com


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suDanzare is also a dance company.

In May 2013, for the event « May of Monuments » and in April 2014 we staged the show sanTarantella at the Archeological National Museum of Naples.

This performance, expressly created to be played in museums, was produced in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Conservatory of Cultural Property in Naples. The positive reception from both critics and public is the reason why we would like to involve you in our activities.

The show, performed by the suDanzare company, is created by Tullia Conte. sanTarantella is a performative dance structured according to the criteria of the Italian tarantella. It is a traditional contemporary dance based on the principle of affirmation of its own presence in the world through dance: the same principle that you can find behind the concept of tarantism.

The Tarantella, which has its roots in Greek culture, is an important aspect of the Italian culture: our purpose is to talk about the Mediterranean culture through dance.

The SuDanzare company consists of dancers from Paris and Naples. The company was born in Paris in 2012 as a project created by the School of Contemporary Tarantella.

Discover the spectacular sanTarantella. You will love its wacky and mystical world!

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